August 20, 2010

Labour financially bankrupt

According to John Prescot the Labour Party are on the verge of bankruptcy. Financial bankruptcy that is, they have been morally bankrupt for a very long time. Labour must have run their own finances as badly as they did the country's while they were in power. Hopefully they will apply the same solutions that they want to apply to their own finances as they want to apply to the country, and simply crank up the borrowing and spending in an unthinking spending splurge. That way Labour can erase itself from the political scene and let the more sensible parties try to sort out the problems that they and their socialism have caused.


Blogger Lord Blagger said...

Let them go bust.

It will be something that reminds people of the cause of the current mess.

I would also introduce a debt tax to pay for the debts, all of them.

Brown tax? Labour tax. I think the later is the right name. When people see the cost, I suspect we would see political exiles

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